Pastoral Patter


As I write this column, I can hear the students’ voices filling the air with laughter and joy as they enjoy each other’s company at recess on this 1st day of school. Derek Boone and I greeted the students who were dropped off at the Rieder Auditorium door. I also went over and visited each classroom at each building prior to their lunch time. I desire to have a presence in our school for all the grade levels, even if for only a few minutes or a whole class period. I believe in catholic education and it is a priority of mine to promote our school.

I also have great love and appreciation for our Religious Education program. Sister Miriam and I have spoken a few times now as she prepares for another year of religious instruction. Please note the deadline for registration for the upcoming classes which will start the 2nd Sunday of September.

Great things are happening because of great people like you!!! Love I.N.C., sent a thank you note to our parish expressing their gratitude for your generous and faithful support of their food pantry for families right here in Huntington.

Huntington ROCKS! You May have noticed rocks painted in beautiful colors and fun designs etched into them dropped along walkways and placed cleverly in niches of buildings. It’s the new thing to do and a wonderful way to promote our city. To take something so simple and turn it into a promotional piece of art; very clever indeed.

There are a lot of creative minds out there let me tell you. I have received numerous notes and I have had several conversations, even with some of our 8th graders of how to “fix” our lack of parking spaces situation. One 8th grader said I should come up with an 11th commandment: “Thou shall not park in the pastor’s drive way”. I am your pastor, but I am sure that I do not have the authority of the magisterium of the Catholic Church to add an 11th Commandment!

Stay Tuned…..
Fr. Tony